Bingo The Multiva

Bingo The Multiva is a platformer that takes a young multiva on a
journey to stop the evil forces of Darth. There are many challenges
that await as well as many bots to destroy, but utilizing Bingo’s
need for speed will get you around these obstacles.




Bingo, a young multiva, is travelling around to find the perfect place to settle down. Meanwhile, he takes sight at Darth with his army of robots and figures out that something isn’t right in his world. Our reluctant hero must take matters into his own hands to stop this evil force and preserve peace in the lands. He will also find many surprises during the journey as well as other dangers that are out of this world! Will Bingo be able to succeed in stopping Darth from colonizing the world?




As Bingo, you can utilize his spin-based abilities to take on Darth’s bots! He can use his Spin Attack to take care of unsuspecting robots. He can curl into a ball with his Spin Jump to manage airborne enemies or Bounce to adjust his landing. If he needs to hurry, he can Sprint to gain extra speed as well as Dash when he really needs to keep things moving.


Arrow Keys – Movement
Z – Spin Jump
X – Spin Attack (Bounce if airborne)
C – Spin Dash
Shift – Sprint





Hapisan Download Mirror



12 Responses

  1. Xtremer$adiq
    Xtremer$adiq at · Reply

    This is made by Hapisan?…As in, Cinossu the creator An Ordinary Sonic Rom Hack?

    1. Plom510
      Plom510 at · Reply

      Nope. This is actually made by me. I just saw the Hapisan mirror this morning so I don’t know who added it. Probably one of the admins.

  2. sonicthebravomanpootis
    sonicthebravomanpootis at · Reply

    This is pretty decent so far but I haz one question. Y U NO SPINDASH STOPID CHAO!? XD

    1. Plom510
      Plom510 at · Reply

      The spin dash should be working. Which link did you download the game from?

  3. lol
    lol at · Reply

    So Bingo is another Sonic recolor, cool?

    1. CrystalForce
      CrystalForce at · Reply

      Definitely a Sonic recolor.

      Look at the spines.

      1. Plom510
        Plom510 at · Reply

        There’s actually no spines if you’re paying attention.

        1. lol
          lol at · Reply

          Still looks exactly like Sonic, even without the spikes, and you can’t deny the run cycle was taken directly from a Sonic sprite.

          1. Plom510
            Plom510 at ·

            I had to use something as a base. To be honest, the only spriting I’m good at is level art.

  4. Proto Dan
    Proto Dan at · Reply

    Things you might wanna fix:
    - The physics (specifically jumping)
    - That sprite that appears when you skid
    - Having to press different buttons to roll, spindash, etc
    - There’s nothing stopping you from falling off the left side of the screen at the beginning of the level
    Other than that, it’s okay.

  5. Highwire
    Highwire at · Reply

    So, I played your game on my channel, which you can watch here:
    There are a lot of issues with the game. And while I do like that its trying to form its own identity, the conflicting mechanics and level design make it come off as something that doesn’t know what its trying to be. In short the game was ok, but the mechanics and level designs are the center of the problem. I hope you’ll have an improved version for Act 2 this year, would love to see this reach its potential.

  6. ES
    ES at · Reply

    It feels like Sonic with a run button, IMHO.

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