Project Endless



SAGE 2014 Act 1 Demo (Feb ’14 release)

Lost Lake Pre-Alpha Demo (Dec ’13 release)


Project Endless is a 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game being developed for the PC.  It is being made with the Unreal Dev Kit (UDK), and the SonicGDK codebase.  SonicGDK offers a lot of versatility, allowing users to create any variation of Sonic style gameplay.

My goal firstly was to make this a 3D platfomer, so I tried to keep automation to a minimum.  I wanted to emphasis exploration in this game, taking the idea a little bit further than the Sonic Adventure games.  At the same time, however, I never wanted the player to feel ‘lost’.  I challenged myself to try creating levels that could be both speed run-able and explored on a large scale.  But I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not I succeeded.

The public demo for SAGE2014 act 1 will feature the first action stage and mach speed stage.

Final Version will Feature

  • Action Stages (1-3): The Main Game
    Collect the 5 red rings in each stage to access the Mach Stages
  • Mach Speed Stages (1-3): These will be like special stages
    These will have more emphasis on speed.
    They’re unlocked by finding the red rings in the action stages.
    They will have the chaos emeralds for you to earn, which means…
  • Yes, Super Sonic is playable.
    Right now he’s in the game for testing purposes (hint: the chaos emeralds can be found under the dock at the start)
  • Tutorial Level
  • Gamepad Support
    Although I strongly recommend using a keyboard and mouse at the moment

Keep in mind things are subject to change.  But feel free to give feedback.

UDK by Epic Games
SonicGDK by Xaklse
Various contributors and Music composers are credited in the game menus and readme file
Fentonxd on Deviantart did the 3d Sonic render in the above promo
Game Design by Biggerboot

Sonic (c) SEGA

9 Responses

  1. MilesP.
    MilesP. at · Reply

    It has terrible framerate, but my computer sucks, so that’s to be expected. Aqua Turnpike hardly works, the gravity pulls down instead of out, so it is impossible to evade most of the spikeballs.

    1. Biggerboot
      Biggerboot at · Reply

      Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t too concerned with optimizing for this demo but you do need a somewhat decent graphics card, even cranking it down to the lowest settings. I did nothing so far to accommodate for draw distance.

      I could probably make it so Sonic ignores gravity and just ‘sticks’ to the tube, but I sort of wanted to try it this way first and encourage boosting through the whole thing. I should probably make the spikes more visible too.

      In short, hopefully the next update (Act 2) will be more to your liking.

  2. Speeding Hedgehog
    Speeding Hedgehog at · Reply

    This is actually very good! The music was a very good fit, and complemented the atmosphere of the graphics. I only had a few issues.

    That area with the columns sticking out of the water after the checkpoint: Since there was a nice open area before that segment, I was boosting full-force, only to run RIGHT into the water. Since that is a necessary area for progression (and since I could never get out of the water section alive! LOL.) it’d probably be a good idea to put something before it that either forces the player to slow down (like a hill or small wall, or have a ramp that leads up to a series of platforms on-land first). Also, it might be a good idea to make platforms for jumping segments larger. It’s hard to be precise with Sonic GDK’s controls, so more forgiving platforms would be helpful.

    The Twin Loops: In that section where there are 2 loops in a row separated by a gap, it’s very hard to jump from one to the next at high-speed. Consider putting a bridge there, or giving the player some more flat ground before the jump so they can time it more easily.

    WATER: I know it’s a lake zone, so water is important! However, sometimes the pools of water feel a bit too big. And often there are large underwater areas that aren’t really used. Dividing up larger pools into several smaller pools by separating them with terrain, each with it’s own escape route, would most likely fix it, while leaving water sections in-tact. You can even use these escape routes to lead to new over-water paths.

    SO, to wrap everything up, This is very good! I love how open the world feels, yet how there is a sense of direction. I especailly liked that particularly tall and spiky mountain towards the end. Once I saw it, I wanted to climb it, and it directed me towards the goal nicely. The tone and atmosphere is refreshingly unusual for Sonic, and really sells the concept of a “Lost Lake”. With just a few level design adjustments, I think you’re headed down the right track!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of it! 3D Sonic needs more cave/mine levels!

    Speeding Hedgehog

    1. Biggerboot
      Biggerboot at · Reply

      Thank you, these were much needed suggestions.

      I’ll definitely take what you said about the column area into account, and probably add a ramp there that slows you down so the player doesn’t go careening off the cliff his first time blasting through. I did want to make the platforming segments a little challenging but I think you’re right in saying they could be a bit more lenient given the controls.

      I’ll also keep working on the water segments for sure, I kinda knew they needed work prior to this, but I did rush a little for SAGE.

      Other than that, I’m glad you enjoyed it. :)

  3. SSGamer
    SSGamer at · Reply

    This was a very nice experience. I loved the level layout, the Sonic loadouts(generic,classic,modern), the music, I liked pretty much everything about this SonicGDK mod. Plus the graphics were absolutely gorgeous. But I have to complain about the mach level. As said above, the gravity does not work well for it, plus, if the machspeed sections of Sonic 06 were hated by everyone, why make the same mistake as Sega did? Not to any offense, I think some people could enjoy it, but I don’t. The physics for the stage made it worse. I understand since it’s water, you need to boost a lot to keep moving, but sometimes, Sonic’s speed would be lost too easily, and when I need to boost, I would lose control of Sonic. I don’t mind if you make mach levels, but please, don’t make it a water halfpipe next time. But it’s still a good mod. Keep up the good work!

  4. Storme Prower
    Storme Prower at · Reply

    Great yo, but I think there should be extra characters to interact with, and also add freakin tails. NO SONIC GAME IS COMPLETE WITHOUT HIM. Also, make tails a playable character if you do add him.

    Other than that I got other things. I noticed that it’s impossible to get out of the water without dying without being in the right place in the first moment. Another thing is that Sonic should be able to run on water, due to his speed. Running animation is chunky, people don’t want it like that… -cough-SONIC06-cough- But here’s the praise.

    That scenery is just BEAUTIFUL mixed with those amazing godlike graphics. Playing this was fun though. You got a good future for the game.

  5. Carlton
    Carlton at · Reply

    OMG that was…..AWESOME DUDE!.
    The graphics are gorgeous the control’s are ok and the underwater part blew me away this is the best sonic fan game EVER I can’t wait for the full version. :)
    Also is there a way you can make sonic lost world running animation?

  6. Highwire
    Highwire at · Reply

    Hey man, I played your game and featured it on my channel. Its one of the longest critiques I’ve done in a long time so if you’d like to check it out heres the link:

  7. Sonic
    Sonic at · Reply

    Dude Sweet! This is so enjoyable I love the fact that its like an exploration its really nice that there is a fan game out there that isn’t “boost to win” in this you can actually relax and explore. Keep it up! =)

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