Project VXH (Sonic X-treme 2D With a Fisheye Lens) Tech Demo

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Welcome to the world of Sonic X-Treme, but with a twist un-expected to you, the player. Experience the world of Sonic X-Treme in an all new 2D way!
Explore the cancelled stages of Sonic X-Treme in 2D and with all new world rotation! The world rotation and fish-eye lens features are used together to create interesting platforming for you to enjoy!

Project VXH experimental 2014-02-11 19-13-09-19

Project VXH experimental 2014-02-11 19-13-01-44

Project VXH experimental 2014-02-11 19-13-19-16

Project VXH experimental 2014-02-11 19-13-30-11

Project VXH experimental 2014-02-11 19-14-31-36

Project VXH experimental 2014-02-11 19-14-08-86




In this game play as Sonic to defeat

Dr.Eggman/Robotnik and his evil badniks. But Eggman/Robotnik is back and better than before with his new creation, Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic is an upgraded version of Sonic but robotized. It is your duty to defeat Eggman/Robotnik and Metal Sonic to save the world from destruction! Collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds to become better than before!












right/left = move right/left
space = jump
down + space = spindash

Credit goes to:

Vortex (Me, game engine)

RyeGuyXD (Design/Leveldesign)

Chris Senn (Music and inspiration)

Andrew75 (Inspiration)

SEGA and Sonic Team (original content owners)


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