Salom Adventure Demo 2.0 – SAGE Edition

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[version 2.0.5]

Nefault1st proudly presents the second demo of “Salom Adventure” a Sonic Fan-Game. A project that has been developed for over a year. Play as Sol Universe counterparts Salom the Hedgehog and Vermin the Hedgehog, or the official characters Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog. Fun for both Modern and Classic Era fans!

Salom Adventure Start Menu Official Main Menu Updated

In-Game Screenshots

Concept 21Concept 35 Concept 15Concept 34

Mini-game Screenshots

Concept 26 Concept 27Concept 33Concept 32

This Salom Adventure demo includes:

  • 4 Playable Characters
  • 1 HUB World
  • 4 Official Zones
  • 2 Test Zones
  • 2 Challenges
  • 6 Mini-games

Download Salom Adventure Demo 2.0

Download The OST Demo of Salom Adventure

View Salom Adventure Demo 2.0 Guide


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13 Responses

  1. TheJeli
    TheJeli at · Reply

    Boy, I had loads of fun with this! If felt really polished, especially for a demo. The only character I didn’t like was vermin due to some level design issues but nothing too major or game ruining. Really excited for future demos.

    1. Nefault1st
      Nefault1st at · Reply

      Much appreciated for the comment! It’s understandable, it was a bit difficult building the best level suitable for that character. I got a second chance with Shadow though, but I’m relieved to hear it wasn’t too much of an issue.

      1. TheJeli
        TheJeli at · Reply

        I know I’ve talked about this already, but this game really does just keep drawing me back to play it again and again. Also kudos fo controller support, but I don’t understand what PS3 mode does.

        1. Nefault1st
          Nefault1st at · Reply

          PS3 Controller support works for very few people for some reason. Just about the only issue I was unable to sort out sadly.

          1. TheJeli
            TheJeli at ·

            It’s fine, I use DS3 tool. How about just letting it change the icons and point people towards that instead.

  2. bryan (yesmen10)
    bryan (yesmen10) at · Reply

    this is the best 2D Sonic fangame I’ve seen, good luck hope you get the victories.

    1. Nefault1st
      Nefault1st at · Reply

      Thanks I appreciate that, yesmen10! : )

  3. Marcos
    Marcos at · Reply

    Nefault1st, your game has a virus. My virus program detected it and told me it could harm my computer. Could you fix that please, because I want to play it.

    1. Nefault1st
      Nefault1st at · Reply

      90% of the time an anti-virus program is going to claim it cannot trust a Game Maker exe file (My case with Norton is 100% of the time). If your program actually claims it contains a virus, it is false. This game does not have a virus. If it did, I’m sure thousands of people would be complaining to me and this would be removed by now.

      1. Marcos
        Marcos at · Reply

        All Right. I will try again then.

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