Sonic: Edge of Darkness


Sonic: Edge of Darkness is a freeware, fanmade game, created by Delta Hedgehog, SuperBliz, and General Offensive!


SAGE 2014 DEMO (

SAGE 2014 DEMO (Mediafire)

SAGE 2014 DEMO (FileFactory)


After many failures and a complete lack of new ideas or schemes, Dr. Robotnik is at the end of his rope. After those events, he has not been seen nor heard from in almost 3 years. Unfortunately for Sonic and the rest, they have no idea what is really going on. While in seclusion, he has built and perfected his newest creation, Darkness Cannon. This machine is used to create artificial black holes in multiple universes, and they can be manipulated to destroy anything he pleases. However, it needs one crucial element to make his creation complete. To have it at full power, he requires the Chaos Emeralds, the Master Emerald, and an undiscovered set of gems. In order to get these elements, he sends out Metal Sonic and Mecha Knuckles. After some contemplation, he resurrects the Tails Doll after being cast aside and untouched for nearly five years, and decides to upgrade him, making him the Tails Android, a complete redesign of his original invention, now being much more destructive and hell bent on destroying Sonic and everything in existence. Sonic gets word of said plans while infiltrating his base just to see what he’s been up to. After hearing him go over his plans with the three Mechas, he goes to inform Tails and Knuckles about what’s going on, and set out to stop his plans and destroy the Mechas once and for all.


Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, and Knuckles the Echidna


Shimmering Shores

A beautiful sparkling paradise that was once a popular vacation spot, but is now the pinnacle of fear. Don’t let the crystal blue ocean, emerald green grass, lush and vibrant foliage, and shining golden sand fool you, this paradise is definitely not heaven on earth. There are many underwater passages cutting through the shore and ocean, boats and ferries with colorful sails to take you to different islands surrounding the beach, and and various sandy areas. 



Corrupted Canyon

A scorching, decrepit wasteland which was once a thriving ancient empire, which has now been reduced to dust and rubble. Not only that, but Robotnik is in the process of industrializing the desert to be used as an oil refinery to mine for crude fuel for his machines. One moment you’ll be blasting across the scolding hot desert sand, to going through a dark and collapsing remains of a pyramid, then suddenly finding yourself walking through fragments of the unfinished factory. Watch out for the metal pipes and quicksand. 



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  1. Jeffery Mass
    Jeffery Mass at · Reply

    YESHH!! This is the one I’ve been waiting for the most.
    And guess what.. broken link ;-;
    Please make Mediafire mirror or something. I really wanna try and give my opinions on this game.

    1. SonicEOD2014
      SonicEOD2014 at · Reply

      It should be fixed now!

    2. SuperBliz
      SuperBliz at · Reply

      Sorry about that, I added a couple of more mirrors. I have no idea why links are breaking. :S

      1. Jeffery Mass
        Jeffery Mass at · Reply

        The links are working now and I’m currently downloading the game through Mediafire!
        Will post my thoughts in another comment after having a bit of time with the game.

  2. Proto Dan
    Proto Dan at · Reply

    Great demo, but I think I might have found a bug.
    Might want to, um, fix that probably.

    1. SuperBliz
      SuperBliz at · Reply

      Literally just found that glitch now, thanks for pointing it out. It was just a misplaced collision mask.

  3. MetalSonic30
    MetalSonic30 at · Reply

    I have to say this was worth the long wait! The game flows nicely… especially with the inclusion of the Homing Attack and the Wall Jump. The main things I like in this demo are:
    . The inclusion of the homing attack and wall jump
    . Three playable characters
    . The transition cutscenes (really looks like something you’d see in Sonic 1-3! ^_^)
    . Imaginable Enemies (even though some are from previous Sonic games)
    . Colorful and beautiful Level Design
    . Colorful and beautiful Level Areas (backgrounds, tiles, etc.)
    . Alternate paths
    . How-to play menu

    Things I don’t like:
    . No boss :(
    . Can’t use Super Peel-Out (unless that’s going to be included in future updates?)

    Other than that, I give this game a 9/10 for such a awesome flowing engine and the time and effort spent on this!

    1. SonicEOD2014
      SonicEOD2014 at · Reply

      We’re glad that you enjoyed the demo! :) Don’t worry about about the lack of content in this demo, as the next release will be more jam packed. :D The Super Peel-Out may be added in the future, as of right now that’s under some consideration. But I’d count on the feature being included in the future!

  4. OmegaShow
    OmegaShow at · Reply

    I really enjoyed playing this game as all 3 characters. Levels are really detailed and beautiful. I loved the homming attack ability!

  5. TheJeli
    TheJeli at · Reply

    This was a really nice game.
    The level design was very well done, a near perfect mix of speed and platforming. One issue I found was in the first level it was hard to see which walls I could go through and which were solid. This was due to the sand being in front of the wall so I didn’t really expect to stop when I saw a wall.
    The graphics were very pretty with lots of detail. Sometimes this would get in the way of the game, not being able to see an enemy for a piece of decoration, but this happened a very small amount of times.
    I won’t comment on the music due to only a small amount of songs that were original (but kudos for using 3D blast music).
    Overall a great start, looking forward to the rest of the zones will be like.

  6. Speeding Hedgehog
    Speeding Hedgehog at · Reply

    Looking great, guys! The only thing that bugged me was the music choice. Wacky Workbench JP just didn’t really seem to fit Corrupted Canyon for me. Using a less-familiar Sonic song (or a non-Sonic song with Sonic-like qualities) would be preferable.

    Some of the physics felt a little slippery, but it’s hard to get the EXACT Sonic feel.

    AGAIN, this looks TERRIFIC! Very professional art style and the menus were very well-done! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

    Speeding Hedgehog

  7. Jeffery Mass
    Jeffery Mass at · Reply

    Update: I dunno why, but the game doesn’t want me to play, apparently.
    In case you’re wondering, I’m running Windows 7 32-bit. The specs are also more than up to snuff, so.

    1. SuperBliz
      SuperBliz at · Reply

      Assuming that you already extracted the files to a folder, this is a really interesting problem. I’ve never seen this before. My only real solution is that you upgrade to 64 bit if you can, since this game was made on a 64 bit system anyways.

      1. Jeffery Mass
        Jeffery Mass at · Reply

        Interestingly enough, I just tried launching the game through the zip itself, and it actually worked. No kidding
        Thanks for actively trying to help me by the way! I’ll post some feedback in another post, after fiddling around with the game for a bit of course.

        1. SuperBliz
          SuperBliz at · Reply

          You’re welcome haha I was just a bit confused that error showed up. I’m surprised the game didn’t crash from running it through the .zip file lol

          And alright thanks dude have fun with it! Criticism will always be welcome :D

  8. ES
    ES at · Reply

    Sonic’s jump height feels too low, and the wall-jump should be smoother (I.E you don’t have to press space to stick to the wall, only jump off)

  9. MDashK
    MDashK at · Reply

    Of all the games that I tried of SAGE 2014, this is the one that I consider my favorite.
    Excelent work, fast gameplay, great graphics, this was the one that got my attention.
    You got a great game in hands. Only thing missing is the Super Peel Out.
    Other than that, keep up the excelent work. =) And thanks for creating and sharing the game/demo.

  10. Fellipe Soares
    Fellipe Soares at · Reply

    I would like to make some suggestions:
    -Putting as a playable character Shadow, Amy and Blaze
    -Put secret areas and easter eggs
    -Place a stage based on Flying Battery
    I wish the best future for your game.

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