Sonic Chrono Adventure 1.1

Sonic Chrono Adventure is a complete Sonic fan game that attempts to be an open world 2D platformer where you collect items in order to get to new places in the game’s world.

Download it here

Version 1.1 changes:
– Fixed a few glitches
- Added a double jump to the Bumper  item.

– Changed the level design a little bit in a few levels.

LakeFeperd ~

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  1. fskfox
    fskfox at · Reply

    Oh snap! Still gonna play the crap out of this one just cuz it’s rereleased for SAGE! Kinda hoping you didn’t fix the air shoes charge glitch…kinda looking forward to climbing on top of the levels >.>

  2. myrayman101
    myrayman101 at · Reply

    I want to like this game but it did not fit with sonic sort of disappointing

  3. PowerPangolin
    PowerPangolin at · Reply

    Looks so cool!

  4. Perry
    Perry at · Reply

    Amazing game! My fav outta all your games!

  5. Biggerboot
    Biggerboot at · Reply

    This is really nice. Mechanics take a little getting use to but it oozes personality which I like.

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