Sonic Lost Adventure: Havok Harbor Tech Demo


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  • Download the SAGE 2014 Act 1 Sonic Lost Adventure: Havok Harbor Tech Demo (PC only)
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  • For info on how to play or hardware requirements, check the README in the .rar

What is SLA:HH?

Sonic Lost Adventure is a 3D sonic game using Xaklse GDK engine in Unreal that has been in development for about 4 months. The style of gameplay is like that of Sonic Unleashed and Generations, meaning it features both a 3D mode of play along with a 2D mode of play.


Havok Harbor Zone: This is the only playable zone in this Tech Demo. In this zone, you’ll run through vibrantly colored cargo sorting yards, ridiculously stacked container piles, and even on giant cargo ships!

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Development of Sonic Lost Adventure

Sonic Lost Adventure was developed by one man (Highwire) over the course of 4 months of hard and intense work alongside another unannounced project. The project itself has been in the conceptual stage for much much longer. Approximately 5 or so years to be specific. Unfortunately many of the ideas that I came up with for the game in that period of time had to be cut due to time constraints and as a result this tech demo doesn’t reflect the original vision of the game.


(Above: Concept art of Havok Harbor)

 Development on the game started on November of 2013 for a college assignment. During the conceptual stages of development 7 other stages were planned to be featured in the full game. Havok Harbor is the 3rd stage of the game and is designed with that level of difficulty in mind. Unfortunately, due to complications in my life, there will not be any other levels made for Sonic Lost Adventure. Havok Harbor is the only level that is going to be made in the foresee-able future. A more polished version of this Tech Demo will be made for SAGE 2014 Act 2 however, which will feature better graphics and bug fixes.

(Below: Progression of SLA:HH in the first month of development)


Artist’s Statement

As the single developer of the game, this has become a kind of test for myself and my abilities as a game developer and an artist. I’ve done far more work in such a short amount of time than I ever thought I could. My goal with this game was to create an experience similar to the Unleashed and Generations titles while bringing something new to it. I hope you all have a blast with this game and thank you all so much for playing! See you all at Act2!


Engine and Main Menu: Xakles

Music: SEGA

Literally everything else (Modeling, level designs, concept artwork, texturing, etc.): Highwire

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  1. fskfox
    fskfox at · Reply

    Sadly my computer is crazy old, but if I can get this to run on my laptop, I’ll letcha know what I think of it.

  2. Michael Westgarth
    Michael Westgarth at · Reply

    Hey all, Michael Westgarth from TSSZ here.

    We ran an interview with Highwire over at TSSZ. check it out:

  3. myrayman101
    myrayman101 at · Reply

    a few bugs but really shows what the GDK engine can do

  4. Biggerboot
    Biggerboot at · Reply

    This was a lot of fun and it looks gorgeous. I did run into a bug where I got clipped in between the boxes, but no biggie. I really like the level design and execution.

  5. Telekinetic Ninja
    Telekinetic Ninja at · Reply

    Absolutely fantastic, I like the ‘Sonic Colors’ like aesthetic. Bummer that you won’t he working on a whole game, but hey, life happens. I truly appreciate your concept art and level design, and hopefully you go on to make some truly great original games.

    1. Highwire
      Highwire at · Reply

      Wow, thank you so much! I’m glad you loved it!

  6. Steel Titanium
    Steel Titanium at · Reply

    This game is well made, but I don’t think this should be happening.

  7. sonic3dblast
    sonic3dblast at · Reply

    What language is this programmed in? If it’s C#, then I can take it off your hands.

    1. Highwire
      Highwire at · Reply

      It uses what ever unreal uses. And ahahahaha no I don’t think thats going to happen.

  8. Xtremer$adiq
    Xtremer$adiq at · Reply

    I like the theme of this, it’s unique for a Sonic game! but maybe have a bit more of graphic diversity than just boxes. You could probably put in a Chemical Plant Modern reference by adding a crane for Sonic to swing from. You know, I can compose some original music for this if you want to.

    1. Highwire
      Highwire at · Reply

      There was a lot more diversity planned for the stage but a lot of it had to be cut due to time constraints. In fact, that sort of gimmick was planned to be put in, but I didn’t have the time to make another crane model, figure out how to move it in unreal, or figure out how to make something like that even work. I won’t put something like that in for Act2′s release either since I would have to redo a lot of the level design to make something like that flow properly. I do hope to add in some more visual elements for the next release however. As for music, go for it. If it fits I’d love to put it in.

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