Sonic Mars Remake


This is a remake of the canned game for Sega 32X: “Sonic Mars”, with the stages of the scripts of Michael Kosaka and Don Goddard mixed.


Mirror (request)

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  1. Vortex
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  2. genito66666
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    cannot understand how to stop the game. Anyways cool!

  3. Yousyllook
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    Could you please provide a mirror for your download, preferably one that doesn’t require me to surrender my account information for a social networking site? Thanks.

  4. Brian Russo
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    Nice! I want to play more! :D

  5. Highwire
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    Yeah this kinda wasn’t good at all. I’ve featured it on my channel along with a full critique check it out if you like:

  6. InvisibleUp
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    Games that force themselves into fullscreen with no way to window it are my pet peeve. Please don’t do that.

    To be perfectly honest with you, this game wasn’t all that great. Compared to the original demo of Sonic Mars, which had things like ramps and enemies and moving pistons, this is far too flat. In fact, this is literally just some grass/checkerboard squares on some water sprinkled with rings. That is not fun level design. That is boring. Sonic levels have springs and enemies and platforms for a reason: to add variety to the level. This game has no variety, unless you count changing the ground texture.

    Also, you’re often taking leaps of faith simply because you can’t see more than 5 feet in any direction of you. I actually had to stop playing because I couldn’t find where to jump to next. Zoom the camera out by a bunch. Also it might be good to have a resolution bigger than 320×240. It also doesn’t help that neither you nor any of the rings have shadows, so it can be hard to line yourself up to hit a platform or a ring. This game needs a lot of work, but it might become something someday.

  7. deathbob
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    wow… dat FOV.

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