Sonic The Hedgehog: Project Eclipse


(Sonic The Hedgehog: Project Eclipse  – SAGE EDITION)

[version 1.0.5]

Dr. Eggman has built a new space station with the abillity to unleash powerful energy on Mobius, leaving Sonic to stop him at all costs. Durning these evens, Might investigates the dissaperence of Metal Sonic Kai.


Sonic The Hedgehog – Project Eclipse is a Sonic fangame with “classic” Sonic gameplay style, created by HoMax , thevaleev , DarkVampireDee , Karl Brueggemann and many others.


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  1. Faulkner Iden
    Faulkner Iden at · Reply

    I’m so excited to see more of this! The rips get on my nerves, but it’s generally not too much of an issue. The game is still highly enjoyable, and Act 1′s level design is great!

    I wish you luck in the development of this game!

  2. DarkVampireDee
    DarkVampireDee at · Reply

    This game is coming out great and it will be more enjoyable when we’re done with the full game.

  3. Highwire
    Highwire at · Reply

    Hey, I played and featured your game on my channel along with a full critique! Check it out here if you like:

    1. HoMax
      HoMax at · Reply

      Yes I saw, thanks. Especially the one waterfall, cool …. ^ _ ^

  4. DaviBR
    DaviBR at · Reply


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