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DEMO Updated 2/28:

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  1. TheJeli
    TheJeli at · Reply

    It was good game overall but there were some much needed improvements.
    The Metal Sonic boss fight at the start wasn’t the best way to start the game, simply because the player would die in one hit and Metal Sonic’s laser attack was quite hard to doge and he didn’t really choreograph his attacks, making any doges just feel like luck. Either giving the player 3 rings or putting the fight at the end of the level would have greatly reduced the problem.

    Once I beat this boss, I noticed how well this game controls, it feels really tight with a good sense of speed.
    Then it was on to the ice level, and this is where I stopped playing. The spinning orbs were a nice nod to S3&K, however, in that game you could jump off them for extra height, while here you simply let go of them. Coupled with the fact that if you made one mistake it was a long fall back down, made this bit tedious to play, so I stopped.

    Sorry for this wall of text and it being really negative. But hopefully you appreciate the feedback.

    1. Hyper Emerson
      Hyper Emerson at · Reply

      Weird; here the spinning orbs worked as I expected them to.

  2. Hyper Emerson
    Hyper Emerson at · Reply

    So I played what I could of this. “What I could” because I only have a lame netbook so the game takes a while to start up and has a load of gamebreaking glitches likely to be the fault of my hardware rather than the game. The screen froze when I used a Ice Shield, of all things!

    The Metal Sonic fight was an interesting way to begin, but as TheJeli said there’s no tell to his attacks and yes, do give us a couple of rings first! The rest of the level was enjoyable. I only found it awkward to see the danguerous electric objects on side of gimmicks. I mean I walked into them twice without realizing they were there.

    Overall the controls feel great and congrats on the pretty scenery. Now excuse me as I’ll try to load the game again. I just remembered you gave Knuckles his hat. I love that hat.

    1. Hyper Emerson
      Hyper Emerson at · Reply

      By the Saint Mary of the Bicycles, there was no hat! Also the game froze in Frigid Fortress for no apparent reason this time (again, I’m using a silly netbook here). Oh well.

  3. MetalSonic30
    MetalSonic30 at · Reply

    I’ve finished the demo and I have to say, this was worth the 4 years of waiting for a new demo! The surprise I witnessed at the end of the third zone! Just like any other classic Sonic game (Sonic & Knuckles’ Flying Battery Act 1 Sub-Boss anyone? lol)! However there are some criticisms I would like to list:
    . The opening battle with Metal Sonic was good, but the lack of rings was pretty… well… odd. However, I was able to beat Metal Sonic with constant Spin Dashes.
    . Sonic was unable to Roll when running (holding forward)
    . Sometimes confusing level design (to me, I only found this in Frigid Fortress Future)

    Here’s the things I like in this fan game:
    . Sprites
    . Challenging Boss Battles and Levels (I always love a challenge :D)
    . Three playable characters
    . New Shields (Favorite is the Wind b/c you can move freely ^_^)
    . Music (Andy Tunstall’s music was a big surprise to me!)
    . That surprise at the end of the third zone (really caught me!)
    . The Triple Trouble Spin Jump (the one when you are the air and press the jump button to curl the character into a ball. ^_^)

    I give this game a 8/10 for the time and effort and its challenge!

  4. Jeffery Mass
    Jeffery Mass at · Reply

    I think it’s safe to say that you were going for a Classic Sonic feel in the making of this. Mission accomplished. This is one of the few fangames that actually genuinely feel like a Classic Sonic game. Lemme elaborate.

    I’ll start off with the things I didn’t like or the things that need to be considered first;
    While I’m all out for a very action-oriented high level pace start with the Metal Sonic boss fight, I think it should have been a bit easier. Increasing the rings or maybe even changing the angle of the slanted platform might solve the problem. The other Metal Sonic fight is a bit more annoying, with the one-hit-kill bottomless bits and trying to dodge Metal’s attacks, it’s quite a challenge but it’s very punishing if you happen to miss up in the slightest.
    The music, while okay, could have been a bit more lively, they don’t sound catchy in my opinion. Also, the music volume should be turned up a notch since the it’s too low in comparison to the SFX.

    Now that’s outta the way, here are the things that I think you got right;
    The flow of this game just makes me (not quite literally) aroused. From the transition from the Metal Sonic boss fight to the first stage down to the basic level design, this game just screams flow, and I can’t get enough of it. Aside from a few very (very) occasional parts, the transition from fast sections to more platformy sections never feels sudden and never suddenly takes your momentum away. The way U-pipes are used is just too damn good.
    The enemies are well thought out. The new shields are extremely fun to use and never feel out of place (though I do think they should have had an environmental effect.)
    The art-style is nothing short beautiful, especially with the alternate time lines. Speeding through these rich surreal pixelated landscapes and beautiful vistas makes the game all the more satisfying.
    It’s also very challenging but usually fair, which is something I can’t say about many games these days. A big plus to that.

    I initially didn’t expect I would, especially with the not-as-good intro boss, but I love this game. I hope you take some of the things I said into consideration.
    Can’t wait for the full game!

  5. MetaRyan
    MetaRyan at · Reply

    Really good game so far, except for the end-of-third-zone boss (possibly phase 1, I don’t know if there’s more to that fight, I can’t get past it). It seems like it would be a great boss fight if either A) there weren’t so many gaps, or B) the controls were tighter. Fix either of those and the fight would be great.
    Otherwise, great demo so far. It’s looking like, besides the “takes you 30 seconds to get back to where you fell from, only to fall again” section of Frigid Fortress, some of the best level design in a 2D Sonic fan game I’ve ever seen.

  6. MilesP.
    MilesP. at · Reply

    *GLITCH FOUND* As Tails, I went to the past with the first signpost I saw, then went back to the future with the first future post I saw, and was immediately stuck in the wall.

  7. Renhoek
    Renhoek at · Reply

    This is a very good game however I feel I should point out some things I didn’t like about this.

    First of level layout, I couldn’t help but feel that most of the hits I took was because of how the level design rather than my own. 0.5 seconds is not enough time to react to a spike on the wall as I’ve just been launched at high speed down a slide.
    In the first level, the background is to bright in comparison to the foreground, I keep running into the electrical spike thing because the colours blend to much in with the background. I didn’t even notice them until they hit me.

    And now the metal sonic fights.
    The first fight didn’t bother me to badly, though you’ve been told this repeatedly the main problem is he doesn’t telegraph his attacks. but the part that really bothered me was the slope as I couldn’t get a good control on sonic leading me to miss and get hit.

    The second fight was where I gave up and I have no desire to return, it’s mainly the bottomless pit, it wouldn’t be that bad if there were spikes or something in there but there isn’t so even if you had rings you’re going to die in one hit anyway. This isn’t challenging it’s cheap as he’ll more than likely attack you when you’re still landing on another platform.

    If I could give you some advice, think “is a first time player going to be able to react to this in time.” There’s nothing wrong with a hard game but making it hard by throwing enemies at you isn’t difficulty it’s cheap.

    Other than that I’ve had fun with what I played.

    1. Jeffery Mass
      Jeffery Mass at · Reply

      Shameless plug. JK. Good interview.

  8. Bartman814
    Bartman814 at · Reply

    Although the game is a bit harder than the Mega Drive games (no fun having a game too easy tho lol), this game is impressive both gameplay wise and graphic wise. One game I’ll be definitely watching in future! =D

  9. tee23
    tee23 at · Reply

    everytime I start the game the screens not in the right place I can’t see half of the stuff on screen so I can only see the first half of the screen it’s really annoying I re downloaded and screwed the the screen controls and everything but no matter what I tried it always ends up like that and I can”t fix it

  10. PowerPangolin
    PowerPangolin at · Reply

    This game is incredible, as always. Do you plan to release level maps? I’d love to see them. Also, I like the music, but I liked the old style better, and now it seems a little too much like midi and not enough like the original games.

  11. Jason Lachman
    Jason Lachman at · Reply

    Now this is the fanfare I’ve been waiting for!!!! ITS AWESOME THAT IT PLAYS JUST LIKE SONIC CD WITH THE TIME TRAVELING AND EVERYTHING!!! Love the demo and keep up the good work!!!

  12. Jason Lachman
    Jason Lachman at · Reply

    Now this is the fangame I’ve been waiting for!!!! ITS AWESOME THAT IT PLAYS JUST LIKE SONIC CD WITH THE TIME TRAVELING AND EVERYTHING!!! Love the demo and keep up the good work!!!

  13. Speeding Hedgehog
    Speeding Hedgehog at · Reply

    This is a very impressive project… but it does have a few flaws like any project of this size would.

    First: the bumpers that move into the background and foreground. While it’s a neat idea, it doesn’t work very well in-practice. It’s hard to tell when they are on the same plane as Sonic, and often it just feels random weather you hit them or not, which makes certain sections frustrating.

    Secondly, I didn’t find the level design around the long-yellow-bouncey-rope to be very fun, either. It felt like everything was in your way, and sometimes it took quite a while to get Sonic bouncing high enough to reach the nearby flippers, or solid land. I think it’s a neat Idea (and I like the way it’s “animated”, too. Well done!) but I think it needs to mesh more with the rest of the level design.

    The music was my last “design-oriented” problem. I will say that some of the track’s OPENINGS are VERY good, and get me pumped for the level… However, once the “meat” of the song hits, any tune it had lacked impact. Especially Viridian Valley. All of the instruments for most of the songs sound sort of …soft. If there is any melody, it kind of blends in and doesn’t stand out from the rest of the track. The best Sonic tunes are the ones that you’re humming to yourself after the level is over… but most of these tracks didn’t have that hum-ability to them.

    I’ve also encountered a few glitches. For example, often after Time Warping, I’d find myself stuck in a wall. Knuckles wouldn’t cling to walls, resulting in me dying many times in Frigid Fortress. Also, when jumping off of the rotating-orb objects, your character’s “double jump” happens, causing the orbs to be useless for Tails and Knuckles, because they’d fly or glide (respectively) instead of being flung. Also, it was possible to jump after defeating the first Metal Sonic, only to be stuck between the wall that appears afterwards and the edge of the screen. It doesn’t kill Sonic, but he just stays off-screen, requiring a reset.

    Besides those things, this is looking really good! I hate typing paragraphs of criticism… it makes me feel like a jerk… But I do it in hopes that the game can be bettered as a result!

    GOOD THINGS: The art direction is actually VERY good. My favorite visual things are the Saturn motif, the Sunset for the Present of the first zone (I forget it’s name…), and the Castle in the background of Frigid Fortress Past. It gives it a Nordic feel, which is unusual in a Sonic game. The color palletes are also very good, and the art never looks TOO busy. Your physics engine is REALLY solid, and I admire the fact that you’re tackling Time Travel. Few dare to tread those waters. :D While many have criticized the opening boss battle, and it DOES need some tweaks, I think it’s really cool that you just throw the player into the action. It’s exciting!

    Overall, this is a very exciting and promising project, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you have next SAGE!

    Speeding Hedgehog

  14. And0
    And0 at · Reply

    Hmm, something strange is happening on my end. It seems like a significant portion of the screen is missing for me – almost the entire right half, by my estimate. The longer names in the intro are cut off, I can only see Tails and Sonic in the character select screen and when I first started the game I couldn’t even see Metal Sonic…however, when I fiddle with the resolution of my screen the amount that is cut off changes. By default I’m using 1280×1024, when I go back to 640×480 I can see a few pixels of Metal Sonic.

    Could it be that the window size of the game is relative to the total screen width and that it is only displayed properly when using a widescreen resolution? Because the game itself seems built that way (even though stuff is cut off Sonic is always in the center of the window, you can properly collide with the screen bounds in the first chase sequence etc.)

  15. ES
    ES at · Reply

    I stopped playing the demo at the one section of Frigid Fortress with the million-and-twelve magnetic orbs which were an absolute PAIN to gain height with. (I spent SIX MINUTES trying to do that…)

    Other than that, it’s pretty sweet.

  16. PowerPangolin
    PowerPangolin at · Reply

    So, about the new demo: It is still probably the best game here. The Viridian Valley music didn’t sound enough like Sonic in my opinion, but the other two zones were perfect. I seriously hope Attraction Attack isn’t the first zone in the final game, because it is quite difficult.
    There was one section in Frigid Fortress where I jumped on top of a wall out of the screen, fell through, and got stuck. Also, I got some sort of error when going to the future in Viridian Valley.

    And this is kind of unrelated, but I found this:

  17. InvisibleUp
    InvisibleUp at · Reply

    I liked this game quite a bit. The music was really nice (If I had to choose a favorite it would be Viridian Valley Past, but they’re all really good. Very Sonic ATS-like.) and the level design was fantastic (I never got lost and I loved the gimmicks of Frigid Fortress.) The art style was pretty good, too. Very Chaotix-like. I also was a fan of the float-shield and the ability to time-travel without having to run in a straight line for 12 miles. Also, the boss at the beginning at the game was an interesting idea. Reminds me a lot of Pitfall: The Lost Expedition for the Gamecube. It’s a bit hard to pick up your rings, though, as they tend to fall into the floor.

    My only real complaint are the enemies in Attraction Attack that stick themselves on the side of the screen and fire at you, leaving you unable to hit them. It just seems really cheap if you ask me.

    I did run into some glitches, which you’ll probably want to fix. First off, if you play as Knuckles on Frigid Fortress Act 1 and climb up the first wall that extends to the top of the level, you glitch into the wall and fall towards the bottom of the stage. You can go left and climb out, but it’s really cumbersome to do so. Later on in the same level, there’s a Past sign in front of a quarterloop that heads down. I managed (as Sonic) to run past this sign, activate the time warp, and run off the edge of the screen while it was transitioning. This meant that as soon as I got to the past I somehow warped down to the bottom of the level where there’s some spikes and a 1-up, and I had to wait a couple of seconds for the camera to catch up. Again, not the end of the world, but quite aggravating. Also, for some reason Alt+F4 is seen the same as regular F4. Seeing as Alt+F4 is the one key that guarantees a way to exit a game, it’s quite annoying.

    Keep in mind I’m not saying this is a bad game. In fact, it’s one of the best games here. Fix those glitches and you’ll be golden.

  18. MetaRyan
    MetaRyan at · Reply

    Overbound, off-topic question. Every link I can find for the original Sonic Dash engine redirects to the Sonic Time Twisted site. Do you know if it’s possible to either reactivate the link or tell me of another way to get the engine?

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