Sonic Worlds Delta 1.4.3

Sonic Worlds is the premiere game development kit for users of Clickteam’s Multimedia Fusion 2 and Fusion 2.5 to create their desired Sonic the Hedgehog fangame without having to worry about re-implementing the core mechanics of the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive classics. And with the latest release of Delta 1.4.3, you can go above and beyond what was in the classics to make the perfect, fun game you’ve imagined!


Primary Download [25.5MB][7z]
Alternate Download [27.4MB][zip] (Only download this if, for some strange reason, you cannot download and install 7-zip)
Included in this download is the source file, extensions needed, an art kit with source assets, and a pre-built executable so you can play with what Sonic Worlds Delta 1.4.3 has to offer without needing to install Fusion.

The Controls

Sonic Worlds comes with LarkSS’ powerful and flexible control system, allowing for true gamepad support (including XInput support, for full Xbox 360 gamepad support!), analog inputs, and force feedback. You can create control mappings and save them for later. These controls can be used in other parts of your game by copying the proper event groups and objects into the frame you want to use input from.
All characters have the ability to run using the directional controls, and jump with the jump button. You can hold down and press jump to charge up a spin dash, then release down to go flying through enemies and obstacles! Jump is mapped to the first two action keys, and Attack is mapped to the third action key. Start can pause the game, but to unpause you need to press Enter. (This is a limitation of the built-in pausing feature in Fusion.)

The Characters

swdsage_sonicSonic the Hedgehog is everyone’s favorite blue hero! With his lightning fast speed, he can take on any threat to his friends.
Super Peel-Out: By holding up and jump, Sonic can build up speed by running in place, to rocket forward and past obstacles!
Shield Powers: Sonic can control the elemental powers of various shields, to perform special mid-air moves by pressing jump a second time! Do a spark-powered double jump with the Lightning Shield, or a burning dash with the Fire Shield, or a downward bounce attack with the Bubble Shield!
Insta-shield: When not equipped with any shield, Sonic can unleash a short shockwave of wind by pressing jump again in midair to pierce badniks and smash item boxes!

swdsage_tailsMiles “Tails” Prower is Sonic’s best friend, with an IQ that matches Dr. Eggman and the uncanny ability of whirling his twin tails together!
Heli-tail Flight: Tails can fly through the air by repeatedly pressing jump! Use this power to reach inaccessible locations, but be careful, it only lasts for a short time!
Dogpaddle: Tails can’t fly underwater, but instead he can swim just as well!

swdsage_knuxKnuckles the Echidna is the guardian of the Master Emerald, and the skybound Angel Island that it rests on. When not guarding the Master Emerald, he’s an expert treasure hunter!
Wall Smash: Knuckles has the passive ability of smashing down any breakable walls with only his fists!
Glide: Knuckles doesn’t have the jump height of Sonic or Tails, but he can glide through the air across gaps and through enemies to hard-to-reach locations by pressing jump in midair!
Wall Climb: When Knuckles glides into a wall, he can grab hold of it and climb up and down with ease! Access paths that not even Tails can fly to!

swdsage_amyAmy Rose is a recent addition to Sonic Worlds, with her trademark Piko-Piko Hammer abilities in tow! Smash through stages with a unique twist to the traditional gameplay formula.
Hammer Attack: By using the attack button, Amy can strike foes and obstacles with her Piko-Piko Hammer on the ground and in the air!
Hammer Jump: By pressing down plus attack while on the ground, Amy can perform a massive leap into the air, to reach places Sonic would have trouble accessing! You can also perform a Hammer Attack on springs to get a bigger boost!
Hammer Smash: By pressing down plus attack while in the air, Amy can strike downwards with massive force, smashing everything in her way!

The Gameplay

Sonic Worlds Delta utilizes a custom 360-degree movement engine by Damizean, to provide movement and gameplay that is near-identical to the classic games, without the overhead that fully recreating the original engine in a higher-level language would require. A collision layering system is also provided, for constructing loops and interweaving platforms!
Several common objects are provided to help you get going:

  • Rings protect you from damage. As long as you have one, you’re safe. There are three algorithms provided for ring loss, ranging from being fast for lower-end computers, or being more accurate than the classic games!
  • Item boxes contain powerups that can help you out. Super Rings give 10 rings, Super Sneakers give you a temporary speed boost, Shields protect you from harm (and come in 4 varieties!), Invincibility lets you ignore harm for a short time, and 1-Ups give you an extra chance to complete the game! But watch out for the Eggman monitor, it hurts you! There is also a Super monitor, for testing Super forms.
  • Lampposts are checkpoints that save your current position. If you die, you will respawn at the last lamppost you passed.
  • Springs bounce you around at high speed, launching you to locations you could not access otherwise! But be careful, they can also launch you into hazards like spikes!
  • Badniks created by Dr. Eggman patrol the stage, looking for heroes to slay! You can defeat them with your attacks, and reflect projectiles with a shield! Several badniks are provided as examples, along with a template badnik that can be edited into something completely new.
  • Pushable objects can be shoved around to clear a path or make a jump safer. You could even set up a button that can be held down with a block to allow the player to progress!
  • Breakable walls and breakable blocks are terrain obstacles that the player can smash through to progress.
  • Giant Rings are the hidden gateways to the Special Zone, where you can collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds! However, there is no Special Stage provided with this engine (that’s for you to make!), so instead there is a simple framework for collecting emeralds in a way that you can get them out of order, but with only using one Global Variable.
  • Goal Signs and Prison Capsules are the goal objects of the stage. Regular levels end with a sign, boss levels end with a capsule. Pass the sign or break the capsule to complete the level! You can change which type of goal to use, or use no goal at all, by changing a value in Master_Level.

Pre-Made Gimmicks and Special Objects

Sonic games are best known for the unique and interesting stage objects and setpieces found in specific levels of the game. Sonic Worlds Delta provides many pre-made gimmicks that you can use and learn from to make your level interesting, and to create your own gimmicks to make your game stand out from all the others! Some of the special objects include moving platforms, falling platforms, swinging platforms, collapsing platforms, pinball objects, automatic spin tunnels, conveyor belts, and many MANY more!

More Information and Support

If you need help using Sonic Worlds, or want to learn more about the engine, please visit the official forums on Sonic United to learn and ask questions.

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    “Some strange reason” XD
    …someday, hopefully this year I might use this.

  2. Danny Rockwell
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    When I change the Animal Capsule into the sign post, I appear in the ground… that’s weird.
    Aside from that, though, this is still the best open source MMF2 engine out there; and with all of these new updates, it’s even better.
    Everyone. Download this.

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