Sonic Xperience


Welcome to an all-new experience: Sonic Xperience!

Here I present my second fan game to exist, Sonic Xperience will be someone you’ve never played before! A brand new ability system, parkour, multiple characters, more than twenty playable stages, new characters, what more could you ask for?!

The game will be made only for PC, but if someone was willing to, I’d have them port it to Apple’s OS if they wish! This demo only has one stage and one character, but hey, it’s still in progress!


UPDATE: I’ve just been informed that Windows 8 users are not able to play this game due to a lack of video players/codecs. I am willing to add support to Windows 8, but expect very little cutscenes as my cutscenes (aside from the ones during stages) are played by video. I’ll have a release for Windows 8 sometime today.


You can download the SAGE demo here

Note, if you have Windows 8, or if the game refuses to run, download this:
The reason is because of a video that plays that doesn’t work properly for some people. These issues will be resolved in the next demo.

If you Windows XP/Vista/7 users get an error after starting the game, go into GAMEDATA/VID/OPEN and open up the OPEN.wmv file in Windows Media Player.

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  1. Bombermans
    Bombermans at · Reply

    Could you upload some screenshots, for us to see how the game looks beforehand??

  2. Matteo
    Matteo at · Reply

    I found a bug: if you get a Game Over after you pass a checkpoint and replay the stage, you will start from the checkpoint instead from the start

  3. deathbob
    deathbob at · Reply

    Not bad. Is it your own custom engine or are you using a modified Bartman like everybody else here?

    1. Black Ace
      Black Ace at · Reply

      The only other game using that engine is Sonic Legends..

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