Sonic the hedgehog Game Gear/Master System Remake


Sonic The Hedgehog Remake sage 2014 Act  1 demo

If you’re having trouble running the game please visit the forum and if your issue hasn’t been reported already make a post detailing what you were doing before the crash.


Sonic GG/MS Remake aims to recreate the entirety of the 8-bit original as well as adding brand new features. (see Features)
Currently the demo only has Green Hill Zone and Bridge Zone as well as remixed levels for each zone


  • Classic and Remixed versions of each zone
  • Multiple playable characters and a select able partner.
  • Options to enable game play features such as the Spindash and Music sets.
  • Bonus zones and new Special stages
  • Brand new bosses for each zone
  • Hidden Cheats


  • Time trials and Race mode
  • Unlock able characters
  • Challenges mode
  • Original Graphics mode


Screen Shots and Videos

screenshot111screenshot112screenshot113screenshot114screenshot117screenshot100Character Select
screenshot110screenshot101screenshot102 screenshot116 

History and Future

For years I’ve been trying to create a sonic fan game but I could never settle down with one I liked, so I decided late 2013 to start a project that wasn’t as intensive as most of the other projects I’m working on and I thought back to one of the first sonic fan games I had started which was a poor attempt to remake sonic the hedgehog GG/MS and a more recent project I had that was going to include a sonic 2 GG/MS as a bonus, after seeing no one else really trying to attempt this I decided to pick up the project and with the experience I have had with the Sonic Dash Engine, I successfully recreated the first two zones from Sonic GG/MS.
Once I finish making this I do plan on moving onto the sequels such as Sonic 2, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble (I might not do this as there’s currently a much better version being developed already), Sonic Blast, Sonic Labryinth, Sonic Spinball, And if I still have the enthusiasm Tails Adventure.


Renhoek (Me) – Game design, Graphics, programming, and level design
Damizen+RogueYoshi – Sonic Dash engine creators
Sonic Retro – Sonic Physics guide as well as other resources
SEGA & Sonic Team – Original Content owners.
Graphic rips
Flare, Mr.C, Mister Man, Doc MelonHead, Motor Roach, JigglypuffGirl, Divine Insect, SupaChao, The DOOM-ed One, Yawackhary, Victor T(Zenor), XenoWhirl, ICEKnight, SPARKS, Techokami, 1001, Chaofanatic, EDDO, Ancient, Knuckles T15.
TheLegendOfRenegade-Music Remixes

8 Responses

  1. sonic3dblast
    sonic3dblast at · Reply

    Hi, I start the game fine, but I am having issues with the game play. It goes fast in the start up and the menu, but it slows down in-game.

    1. Renhoek
      Renhoek at · Reply

      Yeah this is a problem that happens with my computer, doing a reset seems to fix the problem, but in the next release I’ll work on making the game run faster.

  2. Shadownnico
    Shadownnico at · Reply

    The game runs almost perfectly, but as soon as I finish Green Hill Zone Act 1, the game crashes. I’ve tried opening it as admin or as non-admin and entering or not entering the Special Stage, but the game always crashes.

    1. Renhoek
      Renhoek at · Reply

      I have no idea what causes this, What operating system do you use, if it’s windows 8 I know that game maker exes have trouble in 8. I’ll take a look at the transition code and see if there’s anything I can do.

      All I can say is that if you want to see the other zones look at you tube.

      1. InfinityAlex
        InfinityAlex at · Reply

        Hm, the game runs fine with me and I’m on Windows 8.1 64 Bit.

      2. Shadownnico
        Shadownnico at · Reply

        I’m using Windows 7 Enterprise 32 Bits.

  3. iandavis
    iandavis at · Reply

    Please make sonic 2 master system and keep the original music, that would be amazing!

  4. 1999Sonicboy
    1999Sonicboy at · Reply

    This looks fantasic!,I would love to see a Sonic 2(8 Bit) remake! and please use Sonic 2 Piano Redux as soundtrack for the music!

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